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Ta'amei HaMikra as Commentary

Class Description:

By Rav Avraham Peretz Friedman (Sp '22) The Ta'amei haMikra – the “trop” – are one of the earliest commentaries on the Torah text. According to one opinion in the Gemara, they were handed down to Moshe at Har Sinai, and they contribute invaluable insight and depth into reading, translating, and understanding the Torah. To the casual observer, the Ta'amei haMikra are musical notes; but upon careful examination, the Ta'amei haMikra become a vitally important – indispensable – tool for learning Torah. This class will transform your approach to learning Tanach. A popular speaker and teacher, Rav Friedman is the author of eight seforim, including Chanukas HaTorah, Setting a Table for Two, and Marital Intimacy. Rav Friedman has taught diverse audiences, observant and not yet observant, in Eretz Yisrael and the United States, in a variety of settings, formal and informal, conventional and unconventional. In addition to teaching Torah in shuls, yeshivos, college campuses, and kiruv programs, Rav Friedman is a consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, where he teaches mussar ideals to the law enforcement community.





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