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  Our goal at livnos is to provide a forum for women in the frum community to access high-level, relevant, and substantive shiurim. We work to make sure that these courses are as convenient and affordable as possible so that women, who have numerous other important responsibilities, can still have a constant connection to and infusion of Torah learning.

  Our mission is to provide a connection for women post seminary, to stengthen their Torah knowledge/skills/observance/connection etc, to maximize who they are as women/mothers/etc.

It is important that these women - to have mentors, interaction and q and a, etc.

The rabbonim and women who teach are renowned .... etc

  There are numerous programs on this site to cater to different audiences and needs in our community.

- Trah learning

- We provide classes for college students and women in the secular work-force so that they can have a clearer understanding of what the Torah perspective is on contemporary issues and topics that they encounter.

- Many women may want to avoid unnecessary secular classes/courses, so we are also working towards creating a Bachelor's degree in Jewish studies so that women can have proper training in this area in a completely frum environment - (we need properly trained teacher and we want them trained in rigourous Torah studies athat they'll teach and in a frum envionement). We are committed to preparing a generation of mechanchos who have a strong background in Torah studies and have access to classes on the Torah's advice on chinuch.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback. We are happy to hear how we can make this would like to make this program as... as possible, so please let...


חכמת נשים בנתה ביתה

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